(Last Updated On: November 4, 2018)

An attempt on holiness. Blizzard is over. They want to earn. It seems that no one wants Diablo for smartphones – and the game will download in millions of copies. Because the voice of the players does not matter.
Some of you have been following this year’s Blizzcon, so probably after the night, the emotions have already subsided. Part of it has just arrived at the announcement of a giant of electronic entertainment. But if by some miracle you have not seen it yet – this is Diablo on mobile phones.

Blizzard, why so late?
Can you count Diablo clones on mobile devices? I can not do it; there is a lot of it – both from smaller and bigger producers. Games are viral in mobile stores; downloads go into millions. And both when it comes to paid versions, as well as free titles, where the hated free-to-play enters. It is surprising that Blizzard has not decided for his own real – the only and right – mobile version of Diablo for all these years. A version that would wipe out all clones from the market. Because Diablo Immortal will sweep away and soon we will find out for ourselves.

An attempt on holiness
How much washed out on Blizzard after the premiere of Diablo 3 – nobody knows that. The game eventually turned out to be a hit, but the fans of the first two parts could not stand the light three. I understand it in part, but it must be remembered that only one was dark, the second part promised a slightly looser approach to the subject. And the foursome will not suddenly become a turbo-dark production – it will be even more affordable and even lighter than the three. Because the game is primarily to earn and not meet the wishes of die-hard fans of the first installment.

And that’s what they shout the most on the net. Comments on Diablo Immortal’s announcements on mobile devices are very negative, almost all versions of the game trailer minus the power – even on the Polish trailer up there are 68, down over 1,100. I do not know if I have seen such a negative trailer.

As if all those who played (ever in any Diablo), someone took something, robbed, beat. I can see the anger of the fans of the series, which will not rest if they do not pour their grief on the smartphone Diablo. As if this version had any impact on Diablo 4 or the support of the three.

The problem is that Diablo Immortal is not for fans of the series, the group of game recipients is entirely different. The principle is simple – hardcore players do not touch mobile production, let alone mobile versions of massive games. And none of the producers complains about it, because the group of recipients in Apple and Google stores is entirely different than on Steam or on consoles. The appropriate promotion for mobile, push the game on advertising phones will make Diablo a moment after the premiere will occupy the first places of the most popular sports in both stores. And Blizzard will pump millions of dollars into the promotion of this title, so success is guaranteed. And it’s not essential to pick up a teaser on the internet.

I can not wait for Diablo Immortal
The game looks phenomenal, of course for smartphone production. After reading the information from the official website, I know that one should expect a large, well-tuned and extensive output. And for such mobile games, I want to spend time – I’m not interested in arranging candy and shooting birds from slings. I’m afraid that Diablo Immortal is just one – what type of distribution will Blizzard choose. Free-to-play will translate into incredible popularity, but most likely micro-transactions will spoil the balance of the game.
On the other hand, how many people will buy products for, say, PLN 50? I keep my fingers crossed for the latter option unless in some magical way the internal market of the free Diablo will not be the most ordinary jump on the cash register. But we will see it soon.


Polish Source : https://antyweb.pl/diablo-immortal-na-smartfon/